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Medical grade LED technology that stimulates cell regeneration by boosting collagen and elastin production, decreasing hyperpigmentation and neutralising acne causing bacteria. Used in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, pigmentation and pore size reduction. Evidence based studies report an overall brighter complexion with improvements in hydration, tone, clarity and texture.

For best results 9 sessions are recommended ||  once or twice weekly

One session

$99.00Book online

Package of three

$270.00Book online

Package of six

$480.00Book online

Package of nine

$630.00Book online


Skin treatments

Each treatment is tailored to suit individual client needs.

Please allow 30 to 45 minutes for express treatments and 1 hour & 30 minutes for comprehensive treatments. An additional 20 minutes may be required if + Omnilux™ is selected as part of your treatment plan.

We use Aspect Dr, Cosmedix & Hydropeptide skin care ranges.

EXPRESS yourself by selecting one of our express treatment options: deep cleanse with sonophoresis || exfoliate with microdermabrason || hydrate with hydrodermabrasion
Express treatment

$79.00Book online

+ Omnilux $60
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Skin analysis (required prior to any peel) Contact for consultation
Bespoke facial $169 Contact for consultation
Microdermabrasion facial $120 Contact for consultation
Customised skin peel $120 Contact for consultation
Epidermal levelling $120 Contact for consultation
Dermalpen (includes Omnilux) $295 Contact for consultation
Dermalpen x 3 (includes Omnilux) $800 Contact for consultation


Cosmetic injectables

Examples of treatment areas are as follows:

​• Fine = fine lines

• Medium = lips, corner of mouth lift, marionette lines

• Moderate = cheeks, chins

Anti-wrinkle relaxants $4 (per unit) Contact for consultation
Dermal fillers
Fine 1ml $350 Contact for consultation
Medium 1ml $495 Contact for consultation
Moderate 1ml $550 Contact for consultation